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Glitter tatoos! So much fun.

DIY Glitter Tattoos

These DIY Glitter Tattoos are so much fun for a girl’s birthday party or sleepover! You can order a Glitter Tattoo Kit from Amazon just in time for your next slumber party! After all, what is a party for girls without some major BLING? The idea behind DIY Glitter Tattoos is very simple — fun stencils, body glue, and body glitter.

That’s all there is to it! Depending on the child’s age, they could even do these themselves. Moms, no need to worry!  These wash off easily with water. To check out more on DIY Glitter Tattoos, go check out the details and instructions over at Catch My Party!

Glitter tattoos! How fun

homemade play kitchen photo

Homemade Play Kitchen

Is there a little child in your life that deserves a Homemade Play Kitchen? I haven’t seen a child, yet, that doesn’t love pretending in a play kitchen. No home with a child should be without one. There is something very inspiring to see an old piece of furniture turned into something unique and useful! As for me, I am all about repurposing furniture. My kids are too old for a play kitchen now, but I do have a granddaughter that would LOVE this! I see these types of TV cabinets for sale in thrift stores quite often.

This Homemade Play Kitchen, made out of an old TV cabinet, is absolutely adorable! The red gingham valance gives it just the right touch. Feel free to go check out where this Homemade Play Kitchen was made at Giggleberry Creations! The inside of the refrigerator even has shelves in the door. Super cool! If you are inspired by this, get the detailed instructions on how to make one of your own!

Homemade Play Kitchen | Craft By Photo

Spray Bleach Techniques with 3 Other Cool Ideas

4 Fun Fabric Bleach Techniques

It used to be that bleach was only used to brighten your whites! Not any more! You can create any of these 4 Fun Fabric Bleach Techniques as easy as one, two, three.  When I think of tie dye, I think of twisting a piece of clothing, wrapping it with rubber bands, and submersing it into a fabric dye solution. Thanks to … [Read More...]

pumpkins carved with a drill

Pumpkin Carving With a Drill

Pumpkin Carving With a Drill? Are you for real? As much I love a jack o' lantern, I've never been very excited about the whole, ewey, gooey process. Although I consider myself pretty crafty, I'm just not much of carver. My kid's always seemed to have a hard time with it, too. I really love my battery powered … [Read More...]

DIY Mason Jar Glitter Snow Globes

Mason Jar Glitter Globe

Why not make your very own Mason Jar Glitter Globe? Who is not mesmerized by a snow globe? Using glitter for the snow gives this project a little "bling" as well! You can use just about any figurine that you'd like. For example, use something that is special to you or matches the decor of a room. Mason Jar Glitter … [Read More...]

Tree Stump Tables cover

Tree Stump Tables

You can make something really cool by recycling just about anything! Here is a DIY tutorial on how to make some really "swag" side tables out of precut tree stumps. Tree Stump Tables is a tutorial that will walk you through making some side tables that will be the topic of conversation of every guest. I first saw this … [Read More...]

diy button jewelry

Button Necklace and Bracelet Combo

I'm a jewelry fanatic and seamstress, too, so this Button Necklace and Bracelet Combo tutorial is a great one for me! Had you ever thought that buttons could make a jewelry fashion statement? There are just too many pretty buttons to go unseen. I love having a necklace and a bracelet to match. Now, I need to think of … [Read More...]

Easter t cover pic.001

Easter T-Shirt Tie Dyed

This Easter, go to the Easter egg hunt in style with this awesome Easter T-Shirt Tie Dyed to eggs-wisit perfection!  This tutorial shows you how to come up with some cool, color combinations and some RAD designs if you have just the right stencils to use. Think of different things you can use as stencils.  I found … [Read More...]

Wedding Wonders

Bride's Bachelorette Silk Screen T-Shirt Cover

Bride’s Bachelorette Silk Screen T-Shirt

Every bride looks forward to the day of her wedding! It is every little girl's dream to have a beautiful and romantic wedding! But, before that magical date, there is another day that every "woman" looks forward to before the wedding. Spending time with "the girls" before the knot gets tied! This Bride's Bachelorette Silk Screen T-shirt tutorial will be the hit of the evening! You can make matching shirts for the bride's maids that say something like, "Bachelorette Patrol" on the front and "where fun is MAID" on the back! You can personalize it to each girl in your wedding party, so that it represents their personalities! Make it really fun! After all, as the bride to be, this is ALSO your special day! ;) … [Read More...]

DIY Etched Glass

DIY Glass Etching

DIY Glass Etching is an amazing craft that turns ordinary glass into something special! Until I saw this craft, I didn't know this could be done in my own home! In my cabinet, we have some plain, glass tumblers that haven't been used in quite some time. I think I'll put our family initial on them and see if everyone thinks they are new! This tutorial shows that Armour Etch cream works like an acid, roughing up any glass surface. It doesn't wash off! Since you can cut any design you wish out of contact paper, the possibilities are endless! This would be awesome for etched names on mason jars, glass mugs, or wine glasses. The perfect personalized gifts. Make It & Love It is the place you need to go for DIY Glass Etching instructions! … [Read More...]

diy tissue paper pom poms

Easy Tissue Paper Pom Poms

This Easy Tissue Paper Pom Poms tutorial has been a HUGE hit! Pom poms are one of the easiest, most affordable decorations you can make! I have to say, they can be truly stunning! The first time I saw the idea of using tissue paper for Pom Pom flowers was when I went to Six Flags as a kid.  They were for sale in the gift shops. I picked one up in order to examine how it was made. When I went home, I got some tissue paper and made some for my bedroom. Since the most popular form of gift wrapping is using gift bags, tissue paper comes in all colors and prints. A beautiful example of Pom Pom flowers seen recently were made out of sewing pattern paper. It had a very Shabby Chick feel! Think about where you want to add a bit of color or pizazz. Choose the colors based on your desired color scheme. When I hear Pom Poms, I think of cheerleading!  By adding length and more layers to the tissue paper, you can make these Easy Tisue Paper Pom Poms just in time for the Big Game! With a little direction, this craft is easy enough for kids. To make Easy Tissue Paper Pom Poms for a cheer, a party, or decor, just click over to Tara Dennis for the complete instructions! … [Read More...]

FALL Frenzy

pumpkins carved with a drill

Pumpkin Carving With a Drill

Pumpkin Carving With a Drill? Are you for real? As much I love a jack o' lantern, I've never been very excited about the whole, ewey, gooey process. Although I consider myself pretty crafty, I'm just not much of carver. My kid's always seemed to have a hard time with … [Read More...]