Eye Shadow Easter Eggs

Here's an Easter egg coloring idea that I have NOT heard of, until now! Eye Shadow Easter Eggs is a DIY craft project that anyone who uses makeup can do. I know that I have a drawer full of half used eye shadows that I just haven't been able to convince myself to throw out. If you are tired of working with the … [Read More...]

diy flag table runner

Flag Table Runner

Patriotic is the "in thing" with this Flag Table Runner! With the help of a bamboo table runner and some red, white, and blue paint, Melanie has created an American Flag Table Runner that is Pottery Barn worthy! It really is beautiful and practical for indoors and out. Bonus: it doesn't wrinkle and it's easy to … [Read More...]


Recycled Jean Wine Bag

This Recycled Jean Wine Bag tutorial is a fantastic idea for giving the gift of wine! When you show up at your next dinner invitation or party, I'm not sure which your host will like better; the wine or the Recycled Jean Wine Bag! This is an easy sewing project, but what a cute way to wrap up a gift of that perfect … [Read More...]

DIY Leaf Stamp Photo

DIY Leaf Stamp

DIY Leaf Stamp is a craft project that doesn't require buying any supplies! LOVE IT! This is so easy, yet unique and beautiful at the same time! You can make your own stationery out of what you'll find right in your backyard. You might want to experiment a bit, but the moist leaves usually have better results. The more … [Read More...]


diy pallet table tutorial

Rolling Pallet Table

I've seen pallets turned into everything from book shelves to patio furniture. This Rolling Pallet Table is my favorite so far! Although relatively easy and affordable, it has such a chic, modern feel. The addition of wheels not only make it easy to move, but also gives … [Read More...]

dip dyed shoes tutorial

DIY Dip Dyed Shoes

DIY Dip Dyed Shoes craft tutorial is a great way to add some color and fun to a pair of white sneakers! This particular DIY Dip Dyed Shoes technique is often referred to as, ombre style. Give new life to an old pair of shoes! You don't have an old pair? Payless … [Read More...]

Easy Crafts

rainbow butterfly footprint

Rainbow Butterfly Footprints

Rainbow Butterfly Footprints may be just what the crafter ordered! How many of you have children or grandchildren that like to draw, paint, glue, glitter, cut, and tape? Of course you do! Every piece of artwork they create is display worthy! Rainbow Butterfly Footprints … [Read More...]


DIY Barbie Purse

Barbie lovers everywhere, hear ye hear ye! DIY Barbie Purse photo craft tutorial is in the house! Barbie loves accessories! The best part of this Barbie craft is the fact that you get to use decorator Duct Tape! Not only is Barbie the coolest, but Duct Tape crafts are … [Read More...]


pineapple lampshade tutorial

Pineapple Lampshade

A recycled bottle, plastic spoons, and little bit of yellow paint are what you need to create this Pineapple Lampshade. This looks so much like a pineapple that you would never guess it's made out of disposable eating utensils! When it is lit up, the yellow glow really … [Read More...]

wine cork pendants craft

Wine Cork Pendants

Have you ever heard the saying, "Put a cork in it!"? You will be glad the "cork is not in it" when you check out this Wine Cork Pendants tutorial. ;) These up-cycled wine corks can be used to make jewelry, and I love jewelry! So, don't throw those corks away! If you … [Read More...]

diy sweatshirt pet bed tutorial

Sweatshirt Pet Bed

My little doggies love their pet beds! Sweatshirt Pet Bed is a great tutorial on how to use an old sweatshirt and some basic sewing skills to create your furry friend their very own special place in the house. Not much of a seamstress? No worries! Once the pet bed is … [Read More...]